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I am studying at the Aveiro University, Portugal also working in the fields of civil engineering, immigration, import and export, music and charity. Improving the living standards of people is one of my main concerns and I enjoy helping people in achieving their goals, I would like to think that I’ve had a share in that. In addition to academic activities such as publishing books and international articles in my field of study, I am also in charge of managing various departments of the Mehdizadeh Group, including engineering, immigration, import and export, and etc.

Think big because your thought is your future!

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Dr. Mehdizadeh and his immigration team’s expertise is the field of real estate investment and Golden Visa.For the first time in Iran, our team which is based in Both Iran and Portugal, offers you the opportunity of completely online meetings and visiting real estate by our specialists in Portugal.We are by your side all the way, from choosing a property to obtaining European citizenship.Your thoughts, your future!

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considering the latest advances in the field of engineering, and due to the growing need for design, construction, reconstruction, and repair services around the world, Mehdizadeh’s Engineering group is ready to provide the above services to individuals and institutions in Iran and Europe.

Furniture Trading


Mehdizadeh commerce with more than 10 years of experience in the field of interior decoration and home furnishing, including chairs, sofas, bedding, dining table, cabinets and … is now ready to serve applicants internationally. The possibility of registering an order from one of the top brands in the world and delivering it at your door is one of the distinctive services of Mehdizadeh commerce.



Due to the improvement of international transactions, it is being observed that the growth and expansion of imports and exports in Portugal in continuing. According to that, Mehdizadeh’s Trading Group is ready to serve you in the field of importing goods such as machinery, fossil fuels like oil and gas, electrical appliances, rare animals and etc to Portugal, as well as exporting items such as spare parts of cars and vehicles, machinery equipment, paper And pulp and … to all over the world




Irene Band, with the lead singer Dr. Reza Mehdizadeh, has released songs with titles “Baroon Ke Mibareh” and “Havaye To” . we will soon have the next song from this group.
You can download the songs through this site.
Good news are on the way…



Dr. Reza Mehdizadeh has done various scientific activities in different fields. Activities such as publishing books and numerous articles in authentic English and Persian journals. His latest achievement is The Book “Future of Transportation”

فعالیت های علمی




Mehdizadeh Charity is an organization in northwestern of Iran whose mission is to support bread winning women who are heads of their households, the poor and needy, orphaned or abused children. One of Mehdizadeh’s charitable actions and goals is to minimize the problems of our compatriots by providing supporting projects in deprived areas of the country. Last year, Mehdizadeh Charity was able to take valuable steps towards obtaining the dream of eradicating poverty in our beloved country, relying on God and compassionate benefactors.

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