Iren nikou Charitable

Activity Field: Human Resource

Field: Multy Functional

Location: Iran

 Mehdizadeh Charity is an organization in northwestern of Iran whose mission is to support bread winning women who are heads of their households, the poor and needy, orphaned or abused children. One of Mehdizadeh’s charitable actions and goals is to minimize the problems of our compatriots by providing supporting projects in deprived areas of the country. Last year, Mehdizadeh Charity was able to take valuable steps towards obtaining the dream of eradicating poverty in our beloved country, relying on God and compassionate benefactors.

Field of activity in winter 1399: Supporting labor children and bread winning women who are heads of their households.
Subject: Preparation and distribution of Corona health packages

In Phase one, of the Mehdizadeh Business Group’s charity service ,Corona health packages were donated to labor children working outside the city area or scavenging; the packages included the following items:

  • one pack of 20 pairs of disposable nylon gloves
  • A reusable N95 mask
  • 60cc disinfectant spray
  • A round neck scarf